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谁能告诉我在 F5中配置路由和vs的关系,现在很多的配置都是路由中都写0.0.0.0 下一跳写上面三层的地址我不知道写这个有什么用不是有autolast hop 么?
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Reprinted from 14641776 at 14:07 on January 9, 2009 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: Personal Diary Do not believe the Japanese and Korean soap operas so-called because they can not make each other happy and leave.
ever thought you was the other's happiness.
love is not to escape, is effort.
not escape the responsibility to each other happiness, but happiness to the realization of the obligations to each other.
when you say goodbye in order not to hurt each other, you have to each other causing the greatest damage.
love is to work together.

Do not fear each other out and understanding.
understanding is that love, not fear.
love is a duty, can not easily leave.
let you leave but fear for the people, not really love,moncler jacket, even to pay more, to leave the people, after all, will leave.

not think there will not understand love.
without knowing, we just like to not reach the love.
exposed the shortcomings of one another after many this like it will end.
love is tolerance, love each other everything.
love who do not know, maybe you just love nothing more of his novel.

do not believe you said you did not mind that you are too close to the person with the opposite sex.
such a person is not cheating you're playing you, or you simply do not care.
you do not mind your love and sex close to the point of your existence forget it?
think to know. Or,moncler jacket, he himself would not mind a few heterosexual deal.

do not deal in a few heterosexual.
love is the existence of two individuals, can not tolerate a third person.
People who think that the right can be left holding nothing more than to see more people online romance.
love is single-minded, remember well.

do not give each other a lot of pressure.
appropriate and keep a distance from the opposite sex, the love for you is good.
too close a distance, perhaps inadvertently, made a move to embarrass each other.

not to cheat your lover.
remember, if you do not cheat the grasp of his life, then tell him the truth. When the lie was exposed again and again
time, it is possible all over.

do not think appearance would be a great obstacle.
60 years later, there is no one can no wrinkles, no gray hair? Who can change the aging, the same small.
Maybe you do not appearance, but you talented. Maybe you did not before, but you gentle. Maybe you do not tender, but you .......
Maybe you have nothing, but maybe, he is in love with your ordinary.

do not see the surrounding environment, too.
love is you, and around what is the relationship.
but please be kind to each other's family and friends. A lot of things, just give yourself an excuse for Bale.

love you do not think he will not leave you.
under your hurt again, he will leave, because you do not know how to cherish, not worthy of his love.
treasure in order to know how to love.

Do not impulse to say something radical to say.
no one wants to get warm for cold, take caring for injuries.
impulsive words,moncler jacket, may have broke his heart.
nailed a nail easy, but uprooted it, if you can hole in the fence repaired it? ?
If you have said, then apologized to go with your gentle make up as much as possible, but can not determine whether it is useful.

not disappeared.
frequently missing days are allowed for people without reason, it is difficult to give the feeling of stability.
also make people worry about your safety.
not to trample on their dignity. You can live without him, but can not do without dignity.
remember, he does not love you, you do not see him.

promised to be easy.
can not promise is worse than no promise.
Perhaps many men and women are like that one by one bad check,
but when you find that each of them can not be cashed, you will love this cheat it?

not love Do not give any hope.
hope that the greater the disappointment will be. Maybe you just like the feeling of being loved,
but when the disappointment comes, you may be because of your greed, and was the other offensive.

not regret it.
no matter what choice do, is not the right choice.
Please do not regret it. Time can not turn the clock back, everyone is responsible for everyone's fault.
often miss never come back.

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chi straightener The self-destructive woman to be

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new shoes 2010 】 【Looking forward to the next -
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