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其他计算机类认证考试 Oracle//华为/MCSE/计算机水平考试/CIW/CISSP等认证考试

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1. Why is the .Net 2.0 Framework SDK needed?
A. To allow users to publish their Framework Manager models for use with Controller.
B. It provides a Graphical User Interface for configuring the code groups.
C. It is used to configure the Controller Data Mart Database.
D. It is needed when using Controller with SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
Answer: B
2. What does configuring the .Net 2.0 Framework accomplish?
A. It allows the Controller COM+ object to access the Controller Database.
B. It allows users to communicate with the .Net 2.0 Framework SDK.
C. It creates a Trust between the Controller Client Distribution Server and the Controller client computer.
D. It allows for the encryption of communication between internal server components.
Answer: C
3. What can be used to provide remote users with access to Controller over limited bandwidth networks?
A. Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
B. Citrix (Terminal Server)
C. Deterministic Network Enhancers
D. Installing the Gateway in a DMZ
Answer: B
4. Which component of the Controller architecture processes all requests for downloading Controller components to the end user's computer?
A. Client Distribution Server
B. Content Management Server
C. Web Services Server
D. Report Server
Answer: A
5. Enhance Reporting Optimization uses which of the following method(s)?
A. RSS 1.0 or higher, if the Database OS is Unix
B. File Copy, if the database OS is Windows
C. RDP to the Web Services Server
D. Controller's FastNet copy utility
Answer: B
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